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fastMosquitoHere at Fast Mosquito Motorcycle Design, we are designing the fastest, the lightest and the cleanest motorcycle of the future. We have thrown out all the rules and started with a fresh new concept for motorcycle design. A design nobody has seen before. We are working with scientists, bioscience, conceptual engineers and conceptual motorcycle and turbo jet engine designers to bring you a motorcycle that really flies. As we say here at Fast Mosquito Motorcycle Design, were designing a motorcycle with some bite.

This is what the future will look like. The Fast Mosquito Motorcycle will have no need for tires or imageeven wheels. This Motorcycle will hydroplane above any surface very similar to a hovercraft type vehicle. However this is not a hovercraft as it will have the maneuverability of a mosquito and will handle like a motorcycle, allowing the operator to lean in corners.  It will even feel like a motorcycle even though it will float above the surface of the earth.  In fact, this design will allow the operator to float above any land or water surface, eliminating the need for roads or roadways. Its floating ability will be limited to only two feet, so as to keep it in compliance with road and aviation laws.

More good news, The Fast Mosquito Motorcycle will never need gas, oil or fuel. It may sound too good to be true, but, the simplicity of this design will change how we think about engine dynamics. We can’t reveal all our secrets, but we can tell you a little about how this revolutionary system will work.

Continuous Magnetic Infusion – CMI-MosquitoTech

We call our system, Continuous Magnetic Infusion – or CMI-MosquitoTech.  This is how the system works. We start with two rotating turbo charging cylinders of magnetic bars. The magnets are reversed so they oppose each other, creating a forceful, pulsing, push and pull effect. With the use of springs and ball bearings to separate the pull and plunge of the continuous clashing and repelling magnets, we now create enough movement to create energy. There is enough energy transfer to spin the two cylinders that are incased in a stable outer cylinder. The cylinders spin in opposite directions creating a vortex of power and energy. This vortex also spins belts and fans that direct the wind flow fm2created by the vortex spin.  The spinning jet fans are what propel the motorcycle to move forward. Using this same concept of  CMI-Mosquito Tech underneath the vehicle, the jet fans allow the motorcycle to float and hover above any surface. The speed and height of the motorcycle will be determined by how close the opposing magnetic plates are to each other. For example; the turbo will spin faster as the opposing magnetic plates come closer to each other and the turbo will slow down as the plates separate from each other. The flotation of the motorcycle will be lifted by two turbo jet fans using the same system of opposing magnets. One turbo jet fan cylinder underneath the motorcycle in the front and one turbo jet fan cylinder underneath in the rear.  These magnetic plates will be set to allow the motorcycle to float to a limit of only two feet above the surface of the road. Also these cylinders will be shorter and wider for this use. When the turbo jet cylinders  are turned off the motorcycle will set itself down on its four prong stand.  The only sound the motorcycle will make is the buzz of the rotating turbo jet cylinders and fans and a mild clatter of the magnets movement. The turbo jet fans will scream a bit when the Motorcycle reaches speeds of 100 to 200 miles per hour. Without a limiter the motorcycle could reach a speed range of 400 to 500 mph or even faster, competing with conventional jet engine speeds.

15aug-2The speed of the motorcycle can be controlled in two ways. The cylinders and jet fans can be slowed by separation of the magnets. The motorcycle can also be slowed or have its speed increased by controlling the size of the jet fan exhaust. A smaller exhaust opening in the outside stable cylinder will make the motorcycle go faster as the propulsion is stronger as the air is condensed. When the exhaust is opened wider and side vent are opened, the propulsion is weekend and the motorcycle is slowed. Braking will work very much like a propeller on a boat. When braking, the propeller, or turbo jet fans in this case, will reverse themselves, thus stopping the motorcycle.

fm1All the electronics, including the starter will be powered by small solar panels about the size of the solar panel on your calculator. The turbo jet fans will power the electric system after the engine is started.

Thanks to this new magnetic technology we will have a fast flying motorcycle that will never need gas, oil or fuel and no pollution will come from the exhaust. In theory the CMI–Mosquito Tech system could be applied to all of our current flying and driving vehicle; Private and commercial jets, helicopters and drones. Airplanes will become obsolete overnight.  Long landing strips and airports will not even be needed as the flying object we chose to fly will be able to land anywhere we chose to land, thanks to its ability to hover.  This truly is the future of clean energy propulsion.

15aug-1The Bones,  Body  and Skin

The frame and body will need to be as light and thin as a mosquito’s wings. The frame will have to be strong and flexible, this is where bioscience and technology come together.  Carbon fiber and light metals are great for conventional motorcycles, but are to weak and heavy for our use. Thanks to biosciences, we have discovered that a blend of  bamboo chips ground to a fine powder, mosquito larva  and  cells from mosquito wings blended with a strong adhesive is much stronger lighter and more flexible then even the strongest  metals. Bioscience has found mosquito cellulite to be the lightest and strongest organic substance per weight material available for structured use of physical materials. Also, it can easily be cloned. When this mixture of plant and insect are blended into a liquid, it can be formed onto any shape or design. It can be pored into a mold and formed like metals or it can be stretched into sheets like a carbon fiber. The turbo cylinders and fans will be made of this strong material blend.  Its strength lightness and durability make this a perfect choice for our Fast Mosquito Motorcycle Design.  The outer cylinder will also function as the frame of the motorcycle. The rider will sit on top of the  outer cylinder, which will be about as wide as a conventional motorcycle.


image (3)At this point, The Fast Mosquito Motorcycle is just a concept, but with your help, we think it can become realty. Our Design is funded by private investors, contributors and the sale of our clothing line.  When you purchase a t-shirt or a sweatshirt with our logo, Fast Mosquito Motorcycle Design, you are doing more then  just contributing to culture. You are investing in the future as all proceeds from the sales of our clothing line are used for research to bring this motorcycle design to fruition. Help us get this motorcycle built before it gets banned.

Thank you from

The Mosquito loving staff at The Fast  Mosquito Motorcycle Design

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